Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kamal meets Shilpi

Kamal meets Shilpi

The elevator doors opened, and he had no choice but to step out into the lobby. He glanced around the room, trying to pick her out of the crowd, not sure whether she would even show up. And then he saw her.

She was sitting on a leather chair in the lobby when he walked up to her. He smiled down at her, saying a rather hoarse "hello". She stood to shake his hand, not knowing what else to do, and they looked at each other for what seemed like an age. She could tell he was trying hard to look only at her face, and not be a typical man, so she decided to rescue him. "Shall we go to the bar then?" she said with a smile, and walked on ahead. They sat with their drinks in a darkened corner of the lounge. He was typically complimentary about her. She asked about his meeting. He asked how life was for her in the city that she lived. She asked if he would be interested in creating a story with her. He thought that she meant writing one. Little did he know that she was talking in lines of writing about a real experience.

An hour or so and a few drinks later, he suddenly realized they were still laughing and chatting more pertinently; there was touching of each other's arms, knees and hands as the flirting escalated. She decided to let a foot dangle by his shin under the table, letting the hard toe of her knee-high black boots prod and eventually stroke his leg.

He felt the tip of her boot stroke his leg slowly. All of a sudden, sex reared its ugly head once more, except that it wasn't ugly to him at all, it was wonderful and overpoweringly seductive.
The "object of his
desire" which she was for him, had returned with a
vengeance. Except this time, it wasn't in the guise of some fantasy figure - it was a real live flesh and blood woman, who turned him on and made him laugh at that same time. The combination felt irresistible to him.

He looked over at her, and her eyes were sparkling with a wicked gleam. Without thinking, he said the first thing that came to his mind, "You're much sexier in the flesh, you know." He regretted the words almost as soon as they left his mouth, fearing that they would put a damper on what had been such a lovely evening. But she just smiled and said, "What a lovely thing to
say! Flattery will get you everywhere, you know."

She got gracefully up out of her chair and excused herself to go powder her nose. He found his eyes riveted to her bell-shaped bottom as she sashayed across the floor with hips swaying seductively under her skirt towards the ladies room. The promise of something more was unmistakable, but he was reluctant to break the spell of such a wonderful evening by suggesting that it might turn into something more. He gulped down his drink, and tried to come up with
some clever way out of his dilemma. He was still debating his next move when she returned.
Not wanting to make a mistake, but not wanting the evening to be over yet either, he said the first thing that came to his mind, "I think it's my turn to buy the next round, Shilpi." Fortunately, she was a woman who knew her mind, and wasn't afraid of speaking it. "Or we could just take a bottle of champagne up to your room?" she said with that wicked grin once again on her lips.

He was looking his fantasy right in the eye. It was so easy to think about her in any way he desired when he watched her on
his computer screen, but now he was speechless. After a moment of silence he noticed that she had a flustered look on her face, feeling as though she had said something wrong. He liked her too much to let her feel uncomfortable about having made such a wonderfully bold suggestion.

"No, no, no, no" he said, standing up from his chair. "Sorry, I was just shocked. I mean, I wasn't really expecting... Oh, hell yes - I'd love to!" He took a deep breath after he got up the nerve to speak his mind.
"Look, you turn me on more than any woman that I've ever known. I've just been convincing myself that you wouldn't want to see my room, so that there would be no danger of me being disappointed tonight. I guess I wasn't expecting you to suggest it, either. Let's go get some
champagne before I bore you with my silly explanations" he laughed. Shilpi laughed in return. That wicked smile returned to her lips, and that sparkle to her eyes. He knew he had to have her, even if it was just for a moment in time. They stopped at the register to order a bottle of
champagne to his room, and then they walked over to the elevator, with her arm linked sexily
in his. As the doors opened, he leaned forward to enter the elevator with the thought of sweeping her into his arms, until he suddenly realized that there were an elderly man and woman standing there. He stumbled into the elevator, pulling her behind him as he suddenly
checked his "move". "Pretty suave, sailor!" she laughed. The elderly couple raised their eyebrows, but didn't say a word. They didn't have to. He pressed the button for the fifth floor and they rode the rest of the way up in smirking silence. As the elevator doors opened, he grabbed her hand and
they ran down the corridor laughing. He was thankful that the key card worked on the first try, and let her into his room. He turned to throw his jacked over a chair, and he heard the bed creak. He looked back to see Shilpi spread out on the bed, leaning on one arm with her legs stretched out deliciously. He sat down next to her on the bed, and all hesitation disappeared.

He leaned over to wrap his arms around her, lowering his head down to hers. Their lips met in a wet, open-mouthed kiss. He felt all of his passion releasing itself in that embrace, feeling her molding her body into his. The softness of her arms folding around his neck and the smooth ripples of her muscles under her clothing promised unspeakable delights to him. They were sharing a delicious kiss when the champagne arrived. He hurriedly tipped the bellboy and virtually threw the tray on to the table. A drink was not on his mind. She smiled as he went back over to the bed and laid down next to her, facing her. His hand went instinctively to her waist as he moved to kiss her again, pulling her toward him. She reached around and held his ass, wrapped her leg around his. They lay there on their sides kissing for what seemed like an age,
softly exploring each others mouths, and his hands began exploring beneath her top, first up and down the smooth skin of her back, then gradually around to the front of her bra. She could
feel him getting hard through his trousers with his leg pressing against her thigh. Feeling the thrill of his arousal, Shilpi pushed away slightly and began unfastening his belt, then the button and the zipper. She looked right into his eyes and reached into his trousers. Her playful fingers delved for his cock, finding it hot and throbbing. She squeezed it as she leant forward for another sweet kiss. His hand roamed over her bra clad breasts, gently squeezing one, then the other as she toyed with his dick, both of them letting out gentle moans as the stimulation increased.

Feeling the desire for more, Shilpi sat up and began unfastening her blouse while he laid on his side and watched transfixed. "I'd ask how you want me, but I think I know the answer to that"
she said with a smile as she threw the blouse to the floor and re-adjusted her bra. She intended on keeping her lingerie on for a little while longer, just to keep him curious. "I would want you anyway it pleases you" he replied, subtly kicking off his shoes over the side of the bed. "Hmm, good answer" she responded while she unzipped her long black boots and kicked them off to the floor. She then got up off the bed, and standing beside it she slowly unzipped her skirt, letting it fall slowly over her hips to reveal her finest black panties and black stockings. He knew she could be any man's wet dream. There was an aura about her - she positively glowed with sexual promise.

She stood for a moment, a pause for him to stare, then crawled slowly and deliberately onto the bed on all fours, heading for the open fly of his trousers. She pulled them down, expertly hooking away his socks too as his trousers left his legs, and then returned to drag away his boxers. An
attentive cock stood there for her, waiting, twitching with anticipation. Her eyes transfixed to it, she always loved the sight of a man aroused. He sat up and pulled his shirt off over his head, not
even bothering with the buttons, and lay back down, all the while his eyes kept fixed firmly on her curves in black lace. By now she was poised over his groin, and his left hand had reached out
to stroke up her leg, to her ass, and up her back. She placed a hand on one of his thighs and began kissing the other one softly, working her way up in the obvious direction, slowly and surely, as his hand traced the contours of her body. She wasn't waiting for any more signs. She
wanted sex, and she wanted it with him. He laid frozen by her incredibly erotic visage. He had never been with a woman who wanted it like that. When her lips finally reached his groin, she glanced up to check that he was watching her mouth rather than her body. He was giving her his full attention as she placed the first wet kiss on his balls, then another at the base of his stiff cock and worked her way up the underside, turning it into the wettest lick she could muster by the time she reached the tip.

She used her left hand to grip the base of his cock and with her right hand she pulled her blond hair away from her face. He could see perfectly her wet mouth closing over the head of his cock, he could feel her tongue licking the pre-cum from his sensitive pee-hole as he entered her mouth. He sighed loudly, and she continued drawing as much of his manhood into her mouth as she could handle. She took a full-mouth of his hot throbbing flesh with a loud moaning suck, while her left hand pushed his thighs apart so she could caress his scrotum.

Her head lifted up slowly, making a point of leaving as wet and slimy a coating on his cock that she could. Her mouth released the end with a gasp. She squeezed his balls and licked and re-licked the throbbing tool in front of her face. He smelt of man, and now she was beginning
to get hungry. She loved pleasing men and prided her passionate skills of fellatio. She indulged in one more long suck around the end of his cock, gradually building the pressure as her mouth tightened, and then pulled away and sat back.

He had the pure look of lust in his eyes, which only grew as she reached behind to unfasten her bra, tossing it aside. He watched her heavy tits sway as she crawled between his open legs and knelt upright, hooking her thumbs into her panties and slowly pushing them past her stocking
tops and down to her knees. "God you're divine" he said, as she returned to a crawling position and moved slowly towards his face. She worked her panties down her calves and kicked them away, then straddled her knees on either side of him. She leaned forward, kissed him briefly, then sat up and smiled down at him. "I do hope the reality can match the fantasy, darling."
"It already does, Shilpi" he smiled back. She reached down behind her, raised herself on her
left leg, and held his dick upright. She wanted him to watch as she lowered herself on him
for the first time. She made a point of watching too, giving the base of his shaft one last squeeze, and lowered the opening of her pussy on to him. She kept hold of his base as she slid downward, taking him inch by inch, her hot wet tunnel devouring its prey. She let go and took him all the way in, and her hands went to either side of his shoulders. She held the position for a moment, merely squeezing him inside of her, and they kissed a soft, tender kiss. His hands went to her back, his strong arms held her, and they both moaned as she began to move on him.

"I can't believe we're finally fucking" she said as she grazed her erect nipples over his chest, gyrating her body with him inside of her. "It could be a long night. I've been dreaming about
fucking you ever since we first started writing to each other." He couldn't believe the words coming from her mouth. It was like nothing he would imagine her saying, but her words lifted his spirit to the place where he was, in heavenly bliss.

She pushed back and sat upright, running her hands over his chest and switching to more pronounced movements as his hands slipped down to her hips. She was not the disappointing type, and she was determined this first fuck would be all he imagined it would be. Bracing her hands against his chest, she began a delicious twisting motion with her hips. It wasn't just up and down, or side to side - it was a constant rolling and pumping that kept him in exquisite contact
with her inner core, rotating her pelvis to stimulate every nerve ending in his swollen cock. She liked the way it felt, the way it incited her own arousal. He wanted this feeling to last all night, but he didn't know how much longer he could keep from coming. The soft, wet sensations of her pussy were too intense, and kept building without letting up. He reached to stroke her bobbing breasts, tweaking her nipples alternately as she raised and lowered her hips over his rock-hard, nearly bursting cock. He stared at the juncture of their bodies, mesmerized by the slick surfaces sliding within and around each other, the lips of her pussy flexing wetly around the hard shaft of his dick. He took his gaze up her body, past her flexing stomach to her large breasts dangling with pointed tips, jiggling in time to the rhythm. He looked past her slender neck, over her pouting lips framing her half-open mouth as she panted slightly in her exertion. But his eyes
then locked with hers, riveting his attention for good. She had a look of sheer lust. And mischief. And tenderness. It was a look that pierced him to the core - a look that he knew he would take
with him forever. He struggled hard to maintain, to keep from drifting off into ecstasy.

Just when he thought that he had managed to bring his arousal under control, she reached behind her ass to stroke his balls. The move caught him by surprise, and he knew there would be no holding back for him. He grabbed her, pulling her down to his chest and burying his face
in the hollow of her neck. He made a motion to lift her up and slip his cock out before it was too late, but she clamped down tightly and whispered into his ear, "Come inside me, it's OK."

His hands slipped down to her hips, which began a wild gyration - a combination of twisting and rolling which brought her pubic bone into exquisite contact with his. A few moments of this and
he was driven over the edge. His hips thrust upwards into her straining thighs, driving himself
deeply inside her pussy as he was about to plant his seed. He groaned loudly with catching breath as he exploded with a gush of warm seed. His cock felt like it was on fire, spurting, again,
and again. The warm feel of his cum flowing against the walls of her pussy drove her over
the edge as well. He felt her pussy contracting around his cock as she trembled against him, the squeals from her lips and the jerks of her body as her orgasm came in one wave after another. His cock continued spurting, in smaller and smaller ejaculations, and she milked every drop that came out of him. Her arms wrapped around his head, she slowly relaxed onto his chest, her body trembled occasionally from the after shocks of her own orgasm. His cheek nuzzled against hers, his lips nibbled gently at her ear. Her body lay limp in his embrace while his hands ran slowly over her soft curves, from her thighs over her ass, up her back to her shoulders. He felt her breathing slowly relax, as well as his. They were at total peace.

She eventually slid off of him, whispering in his ear "I have to use the bathroom." She shifted her weight and swung her legs off the bed. He was too drained to open his eyes, but he heard her
feet padding across the carpet, and the creak of the closing door. He listened at the sound of the cute tinkle making obvious what she was doing, and then the sounds of water running.
When she exited the bedroom, he was still in bed, leaning back on the pillow. He drank in the unaffected beauty of her incredibly sexy body, and realized with a sinking feeling that the evening was probably not far from being over.
She walked over to her purse, pulling out a pack of
cigarettes and
lighting one, taking a couple puffs from it, inhaling
the smoke into
her lungs like it was the second most enjoyable
pleasure of her day,
sex being the first. She didn't look at him while she
smoked, but he
could tell that she was in deep thought about
something. The cigarette
hardly burnt down before she put it out and pulled her
cell phone from
her purse.

She hit a speed-dial button and listened for a moment,
then spoke into
the phone. "Hi Nidhi. Is everything all right?.....
Great...... Yes,
everything is fine here." She flashed him a wicked
grin. "Listen, I
might be very late. Would you mind staying the night
and getting Nishu
off to school in the morning?.... Oh thanks, you're a
doll. See you

With that, she closed her phone and placed it back
inside her purse. She
turned back to him with a shy smile, her face seeming
to frame an
unspoken question. He didn't speak either, just lifted
the blanket and
patted the bed next to him. She slid into bed,
wrapping her arms around
him and burying her face in his chest.

He reached over her to turn off the light, and they
snuggled under the
bed sheets. She sighed and then twisted around in his
hands, grabbing
his arms and wrapping them around her like a cloak as
she snuggled her
back against him. Her warm body fit perfectly into his
embrace, her
back pressed tightly against his chest and her rounded
ass nestled
snugly into the bend of his groin.

He didn't want to move, so as not to disturb the
moment, but his hands
couldn't resist stroking her body, tracing the line of
her breasts,
past the curve of her stomach, over the smooth skin of
her thighs, and
then back up, fingers lingering to briefly entangle
themselves in her
pubic hairs. He ran his fingers lightly over the lips
of her pussy, so
warm and slippery. He rarely met a woman in his life
who would give
herself so freely to him, there was no way he could
sleep laying next
to her.

He would have been perfectly content to spend the rest
of his life like
this, merely touching her. However, another part of
him seemed to
acquire a bit of new life. His prick, which was
nestled between the
globes of her derriere, twitched slightly, growing
slowly harder as it
started regaining some of its former robustness. He
felt her ass
starting to undulate gently against him, obviously
aware of his new
growth as well, which further stimulated his cock's

He was still only semi-hard when she turned her head
back to him and
said sleepily, with a smile on her lips, "It seems
like someone isn't
yet done for the night."

He had no idea if he had it in him to go another
round, but he suddenly
felt the need to taste her. He kissed her cheek,
nibbling down her chin
and onto the soft curve of her neck. He pressed her
shoulder down
gently to the bed, turning her onto her back as he
lifted his leg over
hers and buried his nose in the hollow of her armpit,
kissing her upper
arms and then licking upwards. The heady smell of her
scent and sweat
aroused him even more.

He touched his lips and tongue to her neck, trailing
them downwards
towards the hollow between her perfect breasts, then
following the
curve of her left breast to her nipple, which rose to
harden under his
insisting tongue. A delightful moan slipped from her
lips and she
arched her breasts, offering them up to his pleasure.
He rose up to
kiss his way over to her other nipple, which responded
in turn.

The moans and sighs escaping her lips told him she
obviously loved
having her nipples pleasured and he tortured them
until they turned
beet red. He found her flesh extremely intoxicating
and wanted to taste
more of her. His hands trailed down to her hips as his
lips left her
breasts and continued their way downward, kissing a
trail over her
belly to her navel, delving his tongue in it.

She placed her hands on his head, pushing him
downward, urging him
towards her parted thighs. The scent of her arousal
permeated his
nostrils as his lips reached the top of her curly mat.
His lips passed
over it, licking the salty skin at her juncture. She
entwined her
fingers in his hair, and he heard a slight hiss escape
from her lips as
he nibble briefly over the inviting lips of her pussy,
but he wasn't
yet ready to dive in.

He lowered his head to the inside of her thigh, just
above the bend of
her knee and nibbled at the soft skin of her inner
thigh, working his
way back up to his ultimate goal. Just before he
reached there, he bent
back down to her other knee. She let out a tiny groan
in frustration.

Her groan turned into a moan as his lips and tongue
worked their way up
the inside of her other thigh. He reached his ultimate
goal, his nose
buried in the juncture of her thighs. He could feel
the wetness of her
secretions, like dewdrops on her trimmed bush, and he
could smell the
sharp scent of her arousal. There was no more teasing
- he lifted his
head and pressed his mouth to her cunt.

He kissed the wet lips of her pussy, and then buried
his tongue inside
her, tasting the mixture of their cum. She gripped the
hair of his head
and opened her legs wider, moaning as his tongue left
her dripping hole
and traced a path to her clit.

Her head pressed back against the pillows and she
closed her eyes, he
pressed her thighs back against her chest as his mouth
worked her into
a frenzy. His tongue flicked her clit faster and she
could feel another
orgasm coming on with this kind of clit action. As she
groaned and
looked down into his eyes, he pulled her legs further
apart and ran his
right hand around the backside of her thigh. She
whispered, "Finger me,

His hand slowly stroked all the way down to her ass,
cupping it
momentarily, before shifting across to her cunt. She
felt his middle
finger slide slowly into her, working in and out
slowly, creating more
wet noises between her legs.

"Two," she pronounced, sounding almost desperate. She
loved to be sucked
and fingered at the same time and she wanted to cum on
his face. His
tongue rubbed her clit harder, faster as his fingers
worked in and out
of her dripping hole, winding her tightly up against
another inevitable
climax. She cried out knowing it was going to be a big
one. She raised
her hands up around her head, pushing against the wall
at the head of
the bed, and levered her crotch into her lover's face
as he sucked and
fingered her.

"AHHHH...YESSSS....AHHHHH....YESSSS" she screamed with
abandon as she
smeared her gushing cunt against his face. Her body
bucked on the bed,
like a victim of massive electric shocks. The twitches
lessened as the orgasm subsided until finally her
raised ass fell away
from his face and dropped to the bed.

"Mmmmmmm, that was great" she whispered with a smile
of satisfaction as
she opened her eyes and looked down at him, reaching
to stroke his head
between her thighs.

He slowly withdrew his fingers from her pussy,
watching them slide out
as he did so. She moaned softly, and pulled him up to
her. He was on
all fours over her and they kissed softly. She licked
along his lips,
wanting to taste herself on him. She could feel his
cock was rock hard
against her thigh, and reached down to try and pull
him into her. He
resisted. "No we don't have to..."

"I want to" she insisted, and raised her legs, using
her calves to pull
him into her, his hard cock sliding straight into her
slippery cunt.
His breath caught in his throat as he felt her
delicious heat again.
She constricted her pussy around his cock and pulled
him down to kiss
him again. "I want you to fuck me."

He began fucking her slowly, and kissing her softly on
the neck. His
tongue traced a path down to her nipple and sucked it
ridged, one hand
reaching under her back to hold her close as he moved
in and out. She
moaned, not just for show, it was a massive turn-on
being able to smell
herself on him. She wasn't going to cum again so soon
but the sex felt

She reached across for his free hand, the one that had
been in her
moments earlier, and moved it towards her. He
collapsed a little on to
her body without the hand to lean on, but he was
closer to her face as
she began licking the two fingers smeared with her
juices. With her
mouth wide open, she groaned hungrily as she lapped at
his fingers,
licking each one from top to bottom, working her
tongue in the gaps
between them.

He moaned and began fucking her harder, adding rhythm
to his strokes. It
seemed like he might cum soon, and who could blame
him; she was as hot
and wet as she could get around his cock, and she was
putting on quite
a show with his soiled fingers in her wanton mouth. He
responded with
relish - he seemed more turned on than earlier, and
started coming down
harder on her as she raised her legs and reached
around to grip his
ass. Her knees were bent, her legs way back, giving
him all the access
he needed to pound his entire cock in and out of her
dripping cunt.

She felt him shoot twice before he collapsed
completely, then she
squeezed gently, holding him inside of her as he went
soft for the
second time.

"Oh God, I can't believe we just did that. I can't
believe I managed
that" he said after getting his breath back.

She laughed as he rolled off and flopped on to the bed
beside her. She
was happy just to roll over and let his cum seep from
her onto the
sheets as they kissed tenderly under the blankets.
Somewhere in the
midst of each other's arms they both drifted off into
a sound sleep...


She was lying semi-awake for what seemed like an age
before the sleeping
man laying beside her stirred. Being used to getting
up early for
getting her daughter off to school and getting ready
for work had her
body tuned to a particular routine. She had plenty of
time to think
about what she had done, and how much she had enjoyed
it. She felt a
daring inspiration to write about it. It was too good
of a story to
keep to herself. She decided to take the day off from
work and as soon
as she got home, she would sit down at her desktop and
do just that.
She knew he had to get up soon to catch his flight
back. A proper
goodbye was a must, it seemed to her.

When he eventually murmured something and rolled over
towards her, she
was ready with a smile and a kiss and a cuddle. She
reached down deep
under the covers and wrapped her fingers around his
morning glory,
letting him know that she had every intention of
saying goodbye in the
proper way. His cock hardened quickly as she stroked

She pushed the covers down and slowly slid down the
bed sheets to his
clammy cock. She took him into her mouth and began
giving him a slow
suck. He moaned and stretched out on the bed while she
gave him a
deliciously fantastic blow job in which he rewarded
her with a mouth
full of cum. She moaned and sucked greedily as he
emptied his balls,
swallowing all he had to give her.

They spent more time together in the shower, washing
each other between
kisses and hugs, but the time was getting on and he
had to catch his
flight. The last few minutes were a blur of motions as
they hastened to
get dressed and say their final farewells.

She walked with him to the exit of the lobby and
waited while he hailed
a cab for the airport. When he got into the cab, she
leaned into the
rolled down window to give him one last kiss. As the
cab pulled away,
he turned to look out the back window, seeing her
standing there,
watching him ride off.

Would she ever see him again? Who knows? Maybe, if the
arose, and if both were willing, and interested.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Meri Bhabhi Amisha

Meri Bhabhi Amisha

I was 21 at that time. This is true incident betweenme and my Bhabie Amisha .What a Bomb shell a blonde and women worth to die for. Ihad a real crush on her from
the time she came to my house mine elder brotherChetan is away from home most

It happened one day when I was coming back from college I heard some thing Amisha was moaning in her bed as mine next door neighbor pushed his Lund in and out of her beautiful choot. She was urging him to do so. She was in so much heat and in a wanton state for his Lund. His huge Lund was going deep in her choot. . Amisha was 32 years old and was married for 8 years. She wasliving with her family in a good house and enjoyed a very comfortable life. Her
next-door neighbor, Ashok was a 40 year old having his own family with a son and wife. Amisha's husband Chetan was gone on a tour and she was free of any fear of being caught by any one. So she invited her boyfriend to have a hot fuck. Now she was enjoying his Lund in her pussy. She was having a very beautiful body with shapely legs and big boobs. " Oh…. Ashok fuck my choot with your hot and big Lund I am in need of it. Please give it to me deep." She moaned. And Ashok pushed his Lund deep inside her womb.

I, entered the home with mine set of keys. I heard the moans of her and smiled at that. "Chetan is always crazy about that hot
bitch." I thought. I moved to
his own room and then heard. "Oh Ashok you are so deep
in my choot …oh I want it
hard and deep." I was stunned to hear that name. I
knew that he was his next-door
neighbor. I moved to her room and looked through the
open door, as it was not
closed. Ashok was lying on top of my bhabhi and his
Lund was deep in her pussy
and he was fucking her. I was aghast to see that.

I thought something and smiled. Then I opened the door
abruptly and both were
surprised to see me. Amisha was not expecting me so
early. Ashok pulled his Lund
out of her pussy and she gave it up with a moan and
both stood up. Amisha pulled
a sheet on her naked body and Ashok picked his clothes
and ran by me standing
near the door.

Amisha was still naked under the sheet not able to see
into her father in law's
eyes. I came near her and said, "What was that
bhabhi’" she mumbled " I am sorry
Kamal." I ignored her apology and asked, " for how
long has this been going on’"
she was unable to say any thing. I smiled " Bhai will
really be shocked by this
when I will tell him about you. That her wife is
fucking another man. He might
leave you or may kill you. What do you think Amisha’"
"No please you will not say
anything to Chetan. It will ruin my life. Please
Kamal. I promise you that I
will never do such a thing again." She looked at me
and found me looking at her
body curves and nude shoulders and upper parts of her
boobs. My eyes were
shining. "Yes Amisha there can be a deal between us."
I said. "What type of deal’"
she looked at me with surprise. "It depends on you
what you can do for an young
man of 20 like me." I said while rubbing mine crotch.
She was frightened. She
looked at mine hand on my growing bulge and understood
mine demand. "No you cant
do that. It's impossible. I will not do anything for
you. No. No. Not such a bad
thing." I smiled and said, "Ok I am going to my room.
And will wait for both you
and Bhai and will see who comes to me first. Now it
depends on you to save your
life and marriage. Otherwise your husband will hate
you and you cannot blame me
dear. Is it ok’" I smiled and moved out of her room.

Now Amisha was alone in her room. She was thinking
about what had happened so
suddenly. She could not afford to leave the home and
her family. On the other
hand it was also difficult to accept mine offer. Her
husband's brother was going
to black mail her. She knew that she had no other
choice and she would have to
kneel in front of me to save her home. She hated me
but could not do any thing
but to have sex with me. She decided to save her
family life at any cost. So she
got up to go to mine room. She did not try to put on
her clothes, as she knew
that she would have to get them off again. She wrapped
the sheet around her
naked body and knotted it in between her breasts and
moved out of her room
towards mine room. Next moment she was knocking on
mine door.

"Come in my dear. Its open for you." I called. She
entered and saw that I was
sitting on his bed. I was naked and holding mine Lund
in my hand. She was
shocked to see mine Lund. It was bigger and thicker
than her husband and her
lover. The sight of such a big dick mesmerized her. An
itching started in her
pussy and she felt it wetting. I was masturbating. I
smiled and said, " It's
good Amisha you have taken a wise decision. Now come
here, on the bed." She could
not hear anything. Her eyes were locked onto mine
erect cock. She slowly moved
to the bed while looking at mine Lund and as she was
going to sit on the bed I
said, " leave that sheet away from bed. Strip it off."
Her hands moved to remove
the sheet and now her beautiful body was naked in
front of her brother in law.
Her beautiful breasts were protruding out and her
nipples were jetting out
towards me asking to be sucked. Her bush at the mound
of her pussy was smoothly
trimmed and her pussy was dripping which was only
known by her. "Beautiful, you
really have a gorgeous body." I said. She sat on the
bed near me while looking
at mine erect Lund. I smiled evilly and said, " Go
ahead bhabhi. Suck me off.
You know you want to and you are going to my dear."
Her hand moved to mine Lund
and she took it into her soft hand and began to rub
it. Her hand pumped mine
thick organ up and down. I think She had never really
seen or handled a Lund
that size before and it thrilled her instead of being
frightened. .

"Well girl what are you waiting for’ Suck it baby." I
taunted. In need of no
further encouragement, Amisha moved into a kneeling
position bringing her face
near the swollen prick jutting up between mine legs.
Her lips moved down and
kissed the tip of the Lund. Her lips ovaled and
stretched wide and encircled
mine Lund head hungrily with her warm lips, trying to
capture its entire length
in her eagerly salivating mouth. "Mmmmmm" she purred,
" Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm" Suddenly
she forgot that she was blackmailed to do this. Amisha
sucked deeply into her hot,
saliva filled cavern that it nearly choked her, but
she twisted her head enough
to catch her breath, then began feverishly running her
tongue up and down the
soft underside of mine Lund and felt it throb and
pulse to her touch. She tasted
the pungent tang of the seeping lubricating fluid
oozing from the split of its
tip. She cupped mine big balls affectionately in the
soft palms of her hands
while tiny explosions of lust burst insanely in her
brain, and she moved her
head up and down, up and down, in and out of her face
in a lewd and lustful
delight. I placed mine hand on her soft hair and moved
her head up and down on
mine Lund.

She forgot that she was being blackmailed. She started
to like her submissive
and overpowered status by masculine dominance of her
brother in law. This drove
her to unexpectedly wicked thoughts, whorish thoughts.
"Suck it bitch. You know
you want to suck it and you like to suck it. Yes you
are really a randi." I said
while pulling her head by her hair. "You are a randi.
My randi. My personal
rakhel." mine rough language and rough handling
thrilled her. Her choot was
afire with the licking flames of lust and passion
consuming her. And then
suddenly she felt her lewd young brother in law reach
down and slide her firm
smooth ass towards me. mine rough hand moved on her
smooth and creamy ass and
then I began to work mine finger at the tiny puckered
ring of her anus. Her
breath quickened excitedly and she forgot everything
as abruptly as I pushed
mine thick finger into her tight virginal asshole to
the palm of mine big
extended hand. "Ooooooohhhhh" she gurgled delightedly
around the stalk of flesh
in her mouth, "I love it! Yaaaaa I love it."

Her lips were encircling mine now fully erect Lund.
She swirled her tongue in a
clockwise manner about the throbbing head wanting to
suck that Lund dry. She
sucked mine Lund to please me and ... to please
herself too. She tried to take
it deep until the swollen head of mine Lund met with
the resistance of her
gullet. She moaned deliciously once again when I
pushed mine fat thumb into her
wetting pussy and began to work it in unison with mine
beefy long finger in her
ass hole. Now I began to undulate mine massive pelvis
slipping mine huge lust
maddened prick in and out of her lips. Never quite
withdrawing but leaving the
hot swollen head a half inch inside her hot wet oral
cavern. I began to pump
mine Lund in and out keeping the pace with the fingers
fucking into her dual
passages from behind. I smiled with the realization
that she was taking more and
more of mine penis between her tender clasping lips as
she became accustomed to
its fleshy presence. She sucked furiously to bring me
to climax as she felt her
own choot ready to cum.

Suddenly her orgasm burst and she groaned around the
thrusting Lund in her mouth,
her orgasm flooding in wild sensual waves of cum
around the thrusting finger in
her choot. It was indescribable rapture and the whole
of her crotch felt wet and
excited beyond belief. Tears of subconscious joy
rolled from her eyes.
Simultaneously she felt m push mine hips upward
against her face and I groaned a
soul-searching grunt as suddenly I flooded her mouth
with mine hot thick cum
spurting wildly down her throat in vast gushes. She
gulped automatically
swallowing the slightly pungent liquid in her efforts
to satiate the still
abandoned feelings of degradation continuing to
overwhelm her. There was nothing
else in the world except the steaming throb of her wet
passage and the squirting
Lund in her mouth. At last she swallowed all the cum
of mine. Then it was all
over and she still lay above me and I was caressing
the round smooth mounds of
her buttocks and stroking her thighs affectionately.
Amisha shivered with
excitement as I smiled down at her. It stemmed from
the lubricious gleam in mine
dark eyes and the still stiff flesh that jutted from
mine groin. She trembled
and whimpered. The aroused thrills increased as I
leaned over and pulled her to
mine chest. Without speaking, I pulled her naked body
to myself, crushing her
supple form. She came without hesitation, the stiff
nipples of her melon-like
breasts stabbing at mine chest. There was absolutely
no protest as mine tongue
darted from mine mouth. Her lips opened and accepted
the oral probe that filled
the emptiness left by mine withdrawn Lund. Her own
tongue playfully dueled
around the flicking invader, then pushed its way into
mine mouth. Carefully, she
wedged a thigh between mine legs and rubbed it over
the exposed length of mine
manhood, still hard and powerful feeling. I moaned
around the mouthful of tongue
that speared toward the back of mine throat. She
pressed tightly to me,
relishing in the inciting sensation of her tit mounds
flattening against mine
chest, and then slowly swaying her hips so that the
globes rolled deliciously
over me. She forgot that she was blackmailed to do all
this. Now she was doing
this all because of her own lust. Her hand slid down
mine back, anchoring into
the taut boulders of mine ass and pulled mine crotch
to hers. Simultaneously,
mine hands followed hers, dipping her buttocks. Her
little wiggle movements
increased to a provocative dance as mine hands covered
the perky, rounded curves
of her bottom. I squeezed down. Mine fingers firmly
dug into the fleshy globes.
For several minutes we clung to each other, our
tongues darting and exploring
the now familiar interiors of ours mouths. Our hands
squeezed and urged. Our
bodies pressed together with a sensual nearness.
Reluctantly, they separated,
gazing at one another for a silent second or two. Then
mine hands withdrew from
her ass and moved to the front of her breasts, her own
fingers occupied
themselves with the imposing shaft that was touching
wantonly from mine crotch
to her pussy. With loving tenderness, her fingertips
glided up and down the
still moist spike of flesh; still damp with the traces
of her saliva and mine
spunk. It jerked and jumped under her teasing. Its red
glans glistened from the
fresh sexual oils that oozed from mine balls. She
wrapped her arms round mine
neck and playfully nibbled at my ear. Then I turned
her and laid her down on
mine bed.

I smiled down at the willing young woman. Lowering
myself beside her in mine bed,
I once more scooped her up in mine arms. Her inciting
fingers were back at mine
Lund, as I slid one of mine hands between her
silk-textured thighs. She
whimpered with arousal as mine palm closed around the
fleshy mound of her pubis.
I squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of
her sex. Her hips twitched
eagerly, hunching their willingness into mine fingers.
I could feel the moisture
of her anticipation welling from between the outer
lips of her labia. There was
no need for further foreplay, but that was exactly
what made the things I did to
her so enjoyable. Wiggling a finger into the thick,
quivering lips of her choot,
I sluiced into the juice-filled channel of her vagina,
twisting and twirling the
intimate digit. The soft folds of her tunnel of Desire
responded, squeezing
around the probe that had invaded her body. Mine
pelvis moved up and down,
working itself on me as if it were feeding on the
thickness of a Lund, rather
than a single finger. Mine nakedness only made the
wonderfully firm mounds of
her breasts that much more enjoyable. Heavy and round,
they pressed against mine
chest, rolling and spearing the stiffness of their
erect nipples into mine skin.
Her hands slid up and down on mine prick, neither
demanding nor urgent, but
letting me know she was more than ready to have its
thickness buried within the
tight sheath of her belly. But I still waited, gliding
another finger into her
heated hole of passion, while yet another fingertip
tapped at her clit, taunting
it out from under the thin membrane of its hood. It
was as if I teased her body
to quell forever whatever traces of "BLACKMAIL" still
remained in her body.

She whimpered, writhing against mine body, as big
fingers expertly manipulated
dual digits into the enveloping socket of sex, while
mine third finger flicked
and fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her
body. She felt me move
beside her and mine free hand rolled her to her back.
I edged up a little and
mine mouth kissed at her neck working downward until
it captured one of the high-perched
cherries of flesh topping a warm, pink-colored tit.
Mine tongue moistly caressed
the stiffened bud as mine lips sucked. She groaned.
The double stimulation of
her body was fantastic. Her lips twisted with the
mounting Desires that trembled
through her. Her body writhed, swishing over the bed.
Her hips rose and fell in
time with the steady in out pumping of mine fingers.
Her hands clamped tightly
around my Lund shaft, squeezing and sliding along its
pulsating length. I was
controlling her once again. I knew the sexual needs of
a woman and even more
important, I cared about fulfilling them. Only one man
had had that type of
control over her body until now - her husband, Chetan.
Now she had found another

Now the maid came for evening work and we had to stop.

Amisha was up early in the morning and she looked at
her husband still sleeping
on the bed. She smiled and came out of the bed and
wore the gown and came down
into the kitchen. She made tea and started to think
about what she had started
to do. She was a wife and slave of her own brother in
law. I had ordered her not
to wear any panties under her dress so that I could
have easy access to her
choot any time. She was not allowed to wear any
panties even when she was going
out. It was thrilling for her and always made her
choot wet throughout the time
she was out.

"Good morning bhabhi!" She heard mine voice and saw me
in the doorway in mine
pajama and robe. "Mind if I join you’" Amisha smiled
at me and lover and said, "Sure

I sat near her on the stool and started to sip mine
tea. I placed mine hairy
hand on the warm and naked flesh of her lower thigh.
She gasped with mine touch
but made no effort to remove it. "You are a piece of
ass and a born Lund sucker.
"Thank you Devarji for your sweet comments." She
became hot and blushed at mine

I moved mine beefy fingers in the hair on the back of
her head and turned her
face to mine for a brutal tongue-probing kiss. She did
not resist and started to
suck mine tongue. Our mouths locked. Mine hand had
reached up her bare choot and
started to massage it. She was getting wet with mine
touch as always! With the
other hand I took her hand and placed it on mine
erecting Lund. "What do you
think about a morning blow job for an young man baby’"
I said.

She smiled at mine question and slowly slipped down
from her stool and pulled
mine pajama down. She was going to love mine hard and
big Lund. She took it in
her hand and kissed the purple head and started to
lick it while looking into
mine eyes. She placed his hand on her head and pulled
her. Mine cock was in her
mouth. She started to suck it. I was still sitting on
the stool. I moved mine
big toe to her choot and she placed it on her pussy
hole and mine big fat toe
entered her cunt. She was so hot. When I was about
cum, I pulled mine Lund out
and took it in mine own hand and started to
masturbate. She saw me quickly take
a bread slice and made me cum all over it. I splashed
mine cum all over the
bread slice and then tucked mine Lund inside mine
pajama. I placed another bread
slice on that and made a sandwich, A cum sandwich!. I
gave it to her, "Have a
sandwich" she smiled and took it from me and took a
bite. A long thread of cum
got attached to her lips as she took the bite. "Its
tasty Devarji" she smiled
and took another bite of the sandwich.

Now they both have left for the US and I am all alone
in delhi with my ....

Rani ki kahani

Rani ki kahani

Hi I want to share all of you my experience, this is true story about my sex-life experience, this story is between me and the lady who is living in our area, let me introduce my self and that lady first. My name is Raja, I am 23 years old, tall, dashing, with wonderful innocent dick(Lund), I live in Karachi Pakistan, and that lady name is Rani (this is not real name of that lady, its secret that's why I used this name ), Rani has Wonderful figure 36-24-36, she has 2 child and her husband is a director in some company that's why he used to go out of town many times, so in home rani and her only 2 children live.

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Dosrey din means sunday ko mein takreeban subha ko 11:00 bajey rani kay ghar giya aur door bell ring ki, tu rani ne door open kya, Wow! Kya lag rahi thi, grey pajama aur light pink tshirt, us ne brazir nahi pehani thi, us ko motay motay mumay dik rahay tha, baal bilkul khuley huway waha kya nazara tha mera tu lund ushe waqat pura 8"inch ka hogiya, rani ne bola welcome beta mein tumhara he intezaaar ker rahi thi, dehko tu zara computer ko kya hogiya hai kuch bhi kero eroor ata hai aur internet bhi bar bar band hojata hai, mein ne bola woh tu thik hai sahi ker deta ho lekin yeh tu bataho computer hai kis room mein, tab rani boli tum bhi na , woh samney left walay room mein jao waha computer hai, mein tumharey liya sharbat lati ho, i said okay , aur mein us room mein enter huwa , rooom mein giya tu side wall per rani ki buhat bari picture hang huwi thi, wah pic mein itni sexy lag rahi thi kay bas, darasal woh pic us ki shahdi ki thi, red sari mein thi pic mein woh, phir mein ne computer ka power on kya aur computer loading kerna shoro hogiya tha, mein ne socha phelay dehako tu sahi kya pata sirf setting ka masla hoga , tu jaab tak computer on ho raha tha mein is kay bed mein idhar udhar dehak raha tha, tu mujhay ek magzine diki jis mein sarey sexy pictures thi, aur woh magzine us kay bed per pari huwi thi, esa lag raha tha raaaat ko pic dehak dehak ker sohi ho, aur nechay dressing table kay side per uss ki white silky brazier bari huwi thi , lagta hai raat ko pic dehaktey dehaktey brazier nikal di hogi, aur abhi ja mein aya tu jis tara aap ko bataya mein ne kay uss kay boobs nazer araha thay bagir brazier kay.

Khair itni dier mein computer bhi on hogiya, aur rani bhi sharbat le ker agahi, mujhay sharbat diya us ne, wah jitni sweet khud lag rahi thi utna sweet he sharbat bana ker diya tha mujhay us ne, mein sharbat pitey pitey us mouse se us kay computer ki settings check ker raha tha, tu achanak door bell baji, rani dehakney gahi tu us door hole se dekha kay husband ahagahay, rani bhag ker computer waley room jo kay us ka bed room tha wahan ahi aur foren woh magzine ko utha ker meray pass ahi aur bola is ko apni cds ki bag mein rahako plz jaldi kero, mein ne tu dehak li thi magzine kay yeh woh wali hai, mein ne bola aap door tu open kero magzine baad mein dey dena , boli nahi abhi rahako yar, mein ne rahak diya aur phir us ne meray pair kay pass dressing table tha jahan us ki brazier pari thi tu fata fat barzier uthai aur main door tak jatey jatey us ko pehan rahi thi, jo mujhay dressing table kay mirror se dik raha tha, wah kya peit (back) nazer ahi thi us ki, mer lund tu bekarar hogiya tha lekin us ka husband agiya tha. Phir us ka husband meray pass aya aur bola beta mujhay pata hai tum ko buhat acha ata hai computer humharey parosi ka bhi kharab hogiya tha un ka bhi tum ne sahi ker diya humhara bhi ker do , mein tu ziyada tar bahir hota ho out of town , tumhari aunty se chat kerney ka thora time milta hai us mein bhi yeh computer masla kerta hai ab kuch esa ker kay jao kay kharab na ho, mein ne bola jee uncle mein abhi abhi aya ho check ker kay sahi ker deta ho kuch deir mein , uncle ne bola beta koi baat nahi aram se kero tumhara he ghar hai.

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Sham huwi mein un kay appartment kay pass se guzra tu uncle ki company ki car kkhari huwi thi mein samja abhi tak uncle gahay nahi hia , mein phir waha se chala giya phir mein raaat ko rani kay ghar giya, tu wahan car nahi thi company ki, mein samja uncle chalay gahay, mein oper giya us kay ghar tu uss ki cousin loog ahay huway tha, but esa huwa kay mein ghar mein jaab giya tu woh loog bus nikal he rahay thay wapis apney ghar janey ko, aur woh loog rani kay bachooo ki apney sath, aney ghar le ja rahay thay kiu kay schools ki chotiya thi kuch din, kuch dier mein sab chaley gahay, sirf mein aur rani thay, mein ne us ka computer on kya aur rani se poocha aap ka koi important documents tu nahi is mein tu bolo mein backup bana do phir reinstalltion ker donga, tu rani boli nahi nahi koi bhi kam ki cheez nahi esay he hai sab, mein ne bola okay, aur mein apna installtion shoro ker di,

Installation chal he rahi thi kay achanak rani ne muj se kaha kay subha jo magzine tum ko di thi woh do mujhay, mein ne bola ek min , aur mein ne bag se nikal ker de di, aunty ne magzine ko le ker bed per gahi aur behat gahi remote se Tv on kya aur Tv dehakna shoro hoggahi, computer buhat purana tha un ka is liya installtion mein buhat time lag raha tha tu mein bhi tv ki taraf face kerk ay Tv dehakna shoro ker diya , tu rani ne bola beta wahan se sahi nazer nahi araha hoga, idhar ajaho meray pass behat jao yaha se dehako sahi dikey ga , mein ne bola okay aunty, aur mein aunty kay passs chala giya aur bara mein ja ker behat giya bed per.

Tv per horror movie chal rahi thi, hum donu movie dehaktey dehaktey idhar udhar ki batein ker rahay thay, tab mein ne poocha aunty subha jaab uncle ahay thay tu aap ne achnak woh magzine mujhay kiu bag mein rahakney ko dey di, tu boli beta woh magzine fashion ki hai , aur uncle ko yeh fashion cheezo ka acha nahi lagta, mein ne bola aunty phir bhi aap tu itna dar ker de rahi thi mujhay jesa aap ko koi mar daley ga , tu aunty boli chup badmash, phir rani ne muj se kaha kay tum apna bag lahay ho cds ka jis mein tum ne magzine rahaki thi subha ko, mein ne bola yes aunty meray pass he hai, rani ne kahan give me that magzine, mein ne rani ko de di, rani meray left per behati thi aur mein right per bed kay , phir mein tu movie dehak raha tha tu side per rani ne apney left per magzine kholi aur dehak rahi thi , jis mein chudai ki pictures bani huwi thi , woh dehak ker rani ne

Apna hath apni chud per move ker rahi thi aram aram se, mein ne dehak liya, yeh dehak ker mera lund subha ki tara 8" inch khara hogiya, ab rani magzine dehak rahi hai aur mein rani ko , rani ne acanak meri taraf dekha tu us waqat meri nazer rani kay hath per thi jo rani ki chud per ghoom raha tha, rani ne kaha beta tumhari koi gf hai , mein ne bola haan aunty buhat sari dost hai meri college mein aur appartments mein, tu boli koi achi wali dost hai tumhari, mein ne bola aunty saab dost achi he hoti hai, phir us ne kaha bhudoooo abhi jo tum mujhay movie dehakney kay bahney dehak rahay thay is tara ki koi dost hai jo tumharey itna karib ho, mein ghabra giya aunty yeh kesa sawal pooch rahi hai, tab rani ne kaha ab kiu chup hogahay subah subha tu barey ghoor ghoor ker dehak rahay thay, jesa mujahy pura pura kha jaogay, mein chup hogiya , itni deir mein meray chotey bhai ka mobile per phone aya bola raja kahan hai tu abhi, mein ne bola ek friend ka computer sahi ker raha ho, taab bhai ne bola kay we all are going to hyderabad we come tommorow morning, i said okay and bye to my bhai.

Phir rani ne poocha kya huwa raja , mein ne bataya meray family waley hyderabad ja rahayhai kal ahay ga, tu rani boli is meinkya huwa, tab meinne bola kya kero bore honga akela ghar per sochta ho mein bhi jao aap ko kal ker donga baki installtion , tab rani ne bola kay choro na tum ko akelay dar lagta hai tu aaj meray yaha rey jao, wesay bhi yaha koi nahi hai , subha tum apney ghar chaley jana jab tumharey ghar waley ajahay tab, mein ne socha moka acha hai faida le lo, mein ne haan ker di, phir kuch dier mein installtion khatam hogahi aur computer pura ready hogiaya, phir rani ne kahan zara chalo

Supermarket sekuch khaney ko le ahay , aaj mera mood nahi ghar mein khana bananey ko, raaat kay takreeban 10:30 horahay tha , hum nechay gahay aur khana kha ker ahay, phir aney kay bad mein ne rani kay bed room mein Tv on ker kay indian movie dehakna shoro ker diya, rani itni dier mein change ker kay agahi , wah kya lag rahi thi, night gown silk dark blue color ka, dehak ker esa laga jesay aaj ager chudai lag gahi tu tooo bas maja ajahay ga , rani phir meray bara ber mein aker behat gahi , aur boli if u dont mind mein smoke ker lo, mein ne bola why not kero aur mujhay bhi kerwahooo smoke, i used to smoke before going to bed hehe.. Smoke kertay kertay mein ne rani se kaha jao chatting kero husband kay sath abhi tu computer A1 hogiya hai, tu boli nahi aaj husband se nahi kerni chat, aaj tum ho na hum batein kertay hai , phir rani ne meray hath se Tv ka remote control le liya aur boli band kero Tv muj se batein kero Tv tu rooooz dehaktey ho, mujhay halka halka ishara mil raha tha us ki taraf se lekin mein chahta tha kay pehal woh keray phir idhar udhar ki batein ker rahi thi , aur mein leit giya tha aur woh meray baraber mein leit gahi thi, batein kertay kertay, mujhay sardi lagney lagi mein ne

Blanket apney oper dal diya, tu rani boli kay mein insaan nahi mujhay sardi nahi lag rahi half blanket muj per bhi dalo, blanket chota tha is waja se hamein ek dosrey kay aur kareb ana para, thori deir baad rani bolti hai mujhay dar lag raha hai, tab mein ne kaha ankhien band kero aur sojaho, phir rani ne achanak apna hath meray chest per rahaka aur move kerney lagi, mujhay tu 1000V ka current lagney laga, aaj se pehaly kisi ne esa nahi kya tha, phir rani boli raja tumharey chest kay hair kitni soft hai, mein un ko kiss kerna chahtai hoo, mein tu apney aap ko neend mein zahir ker raha tha, is liya mein ne haan kero lo is tara bola jesay koi neend mein haan bol dey, phir rani ne mera chest per kiss kerna shoro ker di aur kiss kertay kertay us ne apna hath meri pant ki zip per chala giya, tu mein ne esay he neend mein bola kya ker rahi ho rani, then rani said suuuuuush! Aaj kuch na kaooo, aur aram aram se us ne apna hath meri pant kay ander dal diya aur mera 8 inch lambha mota lund us kay hath mein agiya, phir bolti hai raja tumhara lund kitna acha hai mujhay khilney do iss kay sath, mein tu jahag raha tha mein acting kertay kertay neeend mein haan bol raha tha usko,

Phir us ne mera hath paker ker apni gand per rhak di aur boli oh my raja kuch kero ab intezaaar nahi hota, mujhay ab pura yaqeen hogiya kay ab yeh meray jaal mein phas gahi hai, tab mein ek jatkey se us kay oper char giya aur uss kay hootoon ko kiss kerna shoro ker diya, mein rani kay lips per takreeban 10 minute tak kiss ki phir mein apni zaban ko rani kay galey ( neck ) se pherta huwa uss kay chest per agiya 3 button thay us kay chest per agay se, ek ek ker kay mein ne apney hotoon se us kay tino button khol diya, phir meray samney dark black silky brazir agahi, wah kya sence tha, mein ne pechay hath dal ker is ki brazier ko khola aur jesay he hook khola rani ki brazier ka us kay mumay phat ker kay bahir agahay .

Us kay mumay bilkul tight hogahay hai aur nipples bhi khari hogahi thi, wah kya lag rahi thi woh, mein ne phir ek ek ker kay us ki nipples ko choosa, uss kay mumay buhat barey thay , meray muu mein puray nahi arahay thay, lekin phir bhi jitney asaktey thay mein ne chooosa un ko, aur phir donu mumoo kay beech mein apni ungli move ker raha tha, jaab mein yeh saab ker raha tha tu achnakk rani ne meray balls daba diya , mein ne bola jungli kya ker rahi hai , tu bolti hai jungli kuch bhi keray uss ko koi rookta nahi. Phir woh aur mein samaj gahay kay aaj ki raaat hum donu ko ek dosrey ki zaroorat hai, sardi ki rat, garam kambhal, aur hasin larki wah aaj tu maja ajahay ga, phir mein ne aram aram se ek ek ker kay us kay jisam se sarey kaprey utar diya, aur us ne meray kaprey utar diya, ab hum donu ek dosrey kay jisam ki dehak rahay thay. Phir mein uss ki chut kay pass giya ,

Wah kya smell thi, isssssh! Mein ne apni toungue se rani ki chut ki masage shoro ker di, aur rani zoor zoor se muhahhhhh! Isssssssss! Siiiiiiiiiii! Aaaaaaaahh! Hooooooo! Ker rahi thi, bar bar bol rahi thi Raja tumharey jesa sucking to koi nahi kerta, mein choostey choostey rani ki chut ko , rani kay oper agiya aur mein aur woh 69 postion mein agahay, ab mera lund rani kay boobs kay beech mein para hai aur uss ki chut meray muu mein, mein ne dekha jaab rani ki chut garam horahi hai tu mein ne apni ek ek ker kay 4 ungliyaaa uss ki chut mein dal di, ohiiiiiiii maaaaaaa! Mar gahi, raja teray ko zara reham nahi kya ker raha hai, mein mar jahonga, lekin meinn ne ek nahi suni rani ki bus kerta giya kerta giya, rani ka thora thora pani nikalna shoro hogiya mein us ko taste ker raha tha salty tha, wah maja agiya, phir mein leit giya aur rani meray lund kay passss agahi, rani ne mera lund choosna shooro kya , khachaaa khach....... Lund itna lambha hogiya kay rani kay muu mein nahi araha tha, raja yeh tumhara lund hai ya kya, itna bara meri tu chut he phar dogay, rani jee dehakti jao ab kya kya hota hai , phir rani ne choos choos ker mera lund ko pura tayar ker diya, phir aram aram se rani meray oper behat gahi , aur apney hath se meray lund ko apni choot mein lena shoro ker diya, abhi tu sirf topa per behati thi aur bolti thi raja see aram se dehakney mein dar lag raha hai tumheray lund ko dehak ker tu under jahay ga tu pata nahi kya hoga, lund aram aram se ander ja raha tha, woh bilkul aram aram se le rahi thi , mujhay maza nahi araha tha, mein ne ek show wala jhatka mara tu takreeban 1/4 lund us ki garam chut mein ghoos giya tha wah kya maja aya mujhay aur us ki halat esay hogahi jesay , ahiiiiiiiiiii kuteyyyyyyyyy mardalaaaaaaaaaaa.

Phar di meri chuuuuuuuut, barweyyyyyyyyyyy, lekin mein ne ek nahi suni us ki aur kert raha kerta raha, kuch dier baad rani ko bhi maja aney laga, ab woh khud uchalna shoro hogahi , aur dehaktey dehaktey us ne mera 8 inch lund pura apni chut mein le liya, kuch dier uhe uchalney kay baad mein ne rani ko iron stand per bethaya aur us ki donu tangey khol di, aur phir aram aram se apna lund phir se us ki chut mein dal diya, is bar mein zoooor zooooor se jatkey maar raha tha, aur rani ki chikey nikal rahi thi , ohiiiiiiiiiii, isssssssss, uhaaaaaaaaaa, reyyyyyyyy, ohhhhayyyyy, ufffffffffffffffffff, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha, takreeban 15 se 20 minute tak isi tara zooor se jhatkey marey. Phir mujhay laga jesay mera money (pani) chotney wala hai, mein ne rani ko bola rani pani ander choro ya bahir tu rani boli ander chor du, mein ne operation kerwa liya hai, aur phir kuch he minute mein mera gaaram garam lawaaaaaa uss ki chut ko thanda kerney usss ki chut mein chala giya, raja tu ne woh maja diya hai jo 7 saaaal mein meray husband ne khabi nahi diya,

Wah meray raja. Then we go into bath room aur hum donu ne ek sath shower liya, shower letay letay mera lund phir machalney laga, aur mein ne uss ko bath tab mein dhaka de diya, phir bath tab kay ander kissing shoro ker di aur apna lund us ki chut mein dal diya, phir mein ne kuch jhatko kay baad achnak jaan kuch kay uss ko chut se nikal ker us ki gand mein jatka mara, abhi jatka laga he tha , topa bhi pura nahi giya hoga us ki gand mein aur usss ne itni zoooooor se cheeek mari , esa laga abhi bara ber waley house se koi na koi ajahay ga phir mein ne uss ko phooslaya aur phir aram aram se ker kay puri puri us ki gand bhi mar di, half hour shower lenay kay baaad hum jaaab wapis ahay tu uss waqat subha kay 4 baj rahay tha, hum nangey nangey bed per leit gahay aur phir dosrey din ki subha 10 bajey tak 3 ya 4 dafa chudai aur gand mari, phir mein ne apney cds ki bag wagira li aur mein chala giya.

Us din kay baaad aaj tak mein 1 month mein 2 se 3 dafa rani ko chodta hooo, waha kiya majay deti hai aur leti hai.